Using the Microsoft Bot Framework to build an old school adventure game

Classic text & point-and-click adventure games are cool and conceptually pretty similar to a bot. Therefor, if you can use Bot Framework to write awesome bots, you should be able to create an awesome adventure game! Attendees will learn about the Bot Framework and cognitive services in a fun way!

Remember that time when everything was better and more pixelated? This session will take you back to the golden era of the classic adventure games such as King’s Quest and Monkey Island. We will show off our Game-a-Tron 3000TM game-engine which we’ve built using the Bot Framework…because we can. In this session you will learn about the versatility and capabilities of the Microsoft Bot Framework. We may even sneak in some Cognitive Services.

Locatie: Seminarruimte 1 Datum: 27 januari 2018 Tijd: 15:50 - 16:50 Sander Molenkamp Edwin van Wijk