Industrial IoT with Azure IoT Hub

Use Azure IoT Hub with Dynamics 365 to build compelling solutions, easily managing and communicating with our devices. Visualize readings and trigger processes from our data.

In this session we will dive into IoT Hub and how we can use it to incorporate our devices. We will go into the management, device to cloud and cloud to device capabilities of IoT Hub, as well as see how we can use Dynamics 365 extend on this. Using Connected Field Services we can manage our devices, visualize our readings and deliver proactive maintenance. And of course we will see how we can use Azure’s complete stack to customize and extend on these capabilities to come to the best solutions for our scenarios.

Locatie: Seminarruimte 3 Datum: 27 januari 2018 Tijd: 13:30 - 14:30 Eldert Grootenboer