Building Actor systems with Azure Service Fabric

This session will show attendees the awesomeness of the Reliable Actors framework on Azure Service Fabric. After this talk, attendees will know what a (Virtual) Actor Model is, how to work with the Reliable Actors framework on Service Fabric, and when it is a good fit to use in projects.

Service Fabric is Microsoft’s platform for building highly scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications composed of microservices. One of the ways to program services to run on Service Fabric is by using the Reliable Actors programming model. This model allows you to write software based on the Virtual Actor Model, which is great for easily creating concurrent, distributed systems. I will show what the various features of Reliable Actors are and how you can leverage them in your own applications. Demo’s using a real-world customer case will provide further insights into how Reliable Actors can benefit your software architecture.

Locatie: Seminarruimte 2 Datum: 27 januari 2018 Tijd: 11:40 - 12:40 Sander Molenkamp