dotNed Saturday Agenda

"C# is a simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. It enables developers to build a variety of secure, reliable, and scalable applications that run on the .NET Framework."

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"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand."

-Martin Fowler

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09:00 Ontvangstruimte Ontvangst en koffie
09:30 Grote Zaal Welkom
10:00 Grote Zaal Dealing with eventual consistency Zaal 2 Bicep: Infrastructure as Code for Azure Reinvented Zaal 3 ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs and React: A Winning Team
11:10 Grote Zaal DAPR the big picture Zaal 2 Het testen van Blazor Apps en components met bUnit Zaal 3 Star Tours: Event Sourcing at Cosmic Scale
12:10 Ontvangstruimte Lunch
13:10 Grote Zaal GraphQL in .NET Zaal 2 Gebruik Azure Key Vault in je applicaties en zorg dat niemand achter je geheimen komt Zaal 3 Using Nuke and C# to automate your build pipeline
14:20 Grote Zaal Single Value Objects: where DDD and Functional Programming share forces Zaal 2 Take your network security to the next level on Azure PaaS Zaal 3 Developing a visual webassembly compiler in the browser
15:30 Grote Zaal Lessons learned implementing a cloud-native architecture in .NET (Core) Zaal 2 Verbeter de observability van je ASP.NET Core applicaties met OpenTelemetry Zaal 3 Continous Delivery as a Service: De weg naar een generieke CICD-pipeline met gebruik van Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud, Service Now en meer...
16:30 Ontvangstruimte Borrel en napraten